About Le Praz Ski Resort

Le Praz in Courchevel 1300 is located on a large flat plateau and so is very easy to get round on foot as there are no hills to negotiate.

Le Praz Courchevel

The Name �Le Praz� is patois for �le pre� or the field, many villages on similar flat areas in the Alps were given this name. It was the highest original village that was inhabited all year round and it still has the feel of a real village more than a resort.

There is a school, a small supermarket, 4 restaurants/bars, 3 ski shops, post office, doctor, baker, butcher, candle stick maker, cheese shop, library, in fact everything you could need.

The 2 bubble lifts from the village, to be found near the small lake, take you rapidly up to 1850 or 2000 m in less than 8 minutes. The village has lots of charm, it�s little nooks and crannies make it easily the prettiest part of Courchevel.

You can ski back to 1300 almost all season due to the investment in snow cannons and the 2 black runs (Jean Blanc & Jockeys) are 2 of the best runs in the valley when in good condition.

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